Signing up and cost of service

We know - this process is tedious, messy and at points not translated. But we're working on making it better: towards the second half of 2020 we hope to release a brand new/simplified system. Until then this is how it works...

As a private person you can use the system completely free of charge via our web-based service at to expedite timber material (to contract a transporter for bringing material from your plot to a receiver).

As a private person it is not possible to use the system to provide transportation services nor to manage timber dispatches as a receiver.

To enter the system for the first time you'll need to log in via the Estonian ID-Card, Mobile-ID or - in case you are not an Estonian resident - via the e-resident's digi-ID.


Companies have to sign up for the service by filling in the data in the first section (marked in yellow) of the following application, add an e-signature via their ID-Card (non-Estonian company representatives can add e-signatures to documents via their e-resident's digi-ID) and send it to Please note:

As soon we receive your application we'll open your company's account in ELVIS (and send your system integration certificate in case you requested one) - this normally doesn't take longer than one working day.


Cost of service

Please note, that fees are applicable only in case at least one shipment got to the destination - in case no new material has been delivered during the last month, then also no costs are raised for that month.

Invoices are issued on a monthly basis and they consist of two separate fees:

  1. Cost of e-waybills: calculated by the amount of e-waybills, that have been marked as arrived (“At destination”) during the last month. The cost per one e-waybill is 0,50€+VAT (0.20€+VAT for members of the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association)
  2. A monthly service fee: a 7€+VAT service charge is added for the month, when shipment(s) were delivered (in case at least one e-waybill's status has been set to "At destination")

The service fees are payable only by ELVIS' contractual users in the following order (you may find an updated list of all companies, who've joined ELVIS, HERE):

NB! To use the ELVIS service via your own company's or a third party's system integration, you'll need to request a certificate for authenticating your system against ELVIS

Other costs

Customer support for information on how to use the system is free of charge. In case you request a custom report or new functionality, that the service owner (the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association) does not plan to fund (only changes required by law or requested by a big part of the user base are funded by the association), then the requested service might still be provided upon agreement for an hourly service fee of 50€+VAT. Please contact the service provider for extra details

NB! Check for the existence of bilateral agreements between involved countries before performing cross-border transport weighing more than 40 tons

For transporting goods/materials with a total mass of over 40 tons over a country border there has to exist an according bilateral agreement between the involved countries for allowing this. As of begin of 2019 such agreement between Estonia and Latvia does not exist yet