Certificate for authenticating your system against ELVIS

For using ELVIS through an external integration (not through the the web-service at https://www.veoseleht.ee/Web/en/US/Home.mvc, but for example vaheladu.eu, products developed by deskis.ee or your own company's system) you'll have to sign up to the ELVIS service and also request a certificate to authenticate the requests made through your integration on behalf of your company.

Ordering a new certificate costs 50€ + VAT (re-sending a previously issued / still valid certificate anew is free of charge). New certificates are valid until the end of the ELVIS service - all external integrations will be transferred to the new e-waybill register "EVR" by the end of 2020 and thereafter the integration certificates will not be needed anymore.

You can request a certificate for authenticating your system against ELVIS by writing us at veoseleht@atea.ee

Please note, that using this certificate will authenticate any integration to act on behalf of your company in the ELVIS system: the owner of your certificate will be able to add, read, modify and delete all the data connected to your company's account in ELVIS and to share this data with other organizations or private persons. Please be sure you accept the user conditions and privacy statement of any third party integration before forwarding them your company's certificate.